Volgo marketing integral

Marketing plans

Full - Easy - Clear

               Volgo is a personal project created with the idea of offering planning and implementation of marketing in an easy and cheap way for small business. A process adapts and order all the bibliography information according to each case, offering a service easier and cheaper than hiring people for each activity or contracting marketing agencies.
          The projects is in it’s introduction phase in a growing market. In this moment is very important to create a good communication with all the possible interested in apply marketing to their business, so they can know all we can do for them.
             Our goal is be clear to our clients, so they can learn during the process, understanding the true value of what is done. Escort the growth of the business, taking care of the analysis of the information, encouraging our clients to ask, question and contribute with information, creating a strong growth relationship. 
               The implementation of the tools in their respective channels can be done by our clients or they can choose to let us do it with the help of professionals that use to work with us.  
          When our clients thinks they got what they need or they have learned how to do it by themselves, they can upgrade their services or keep their way without us. We will be very happy knowing that the business grew with us.

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