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What is Volgo?

A project with the goal of offering the planning and implementation of marketing, in a accessible way for small business. Creating a process to adapt and order the information according to each client.

The idea is to be a marketing department for small business, where they can ask for specific orders and be guided by professionals in marketing and design.

The proposed benefit is to create a relation with the business where you can understand and learn during the process. So you can appreciate the true value of what we are doing.

               Volgo process adapts and order all the bibliography information according to each case, offering a service easier and cheaper than hiring people for each activity or contracting marketing agencies.
          The projects is in it’s introduction phase in a growing market. In this moment is very important to create a good communication with all the possible interested in apply marketing to their business, so they can know all we can do for them.
          Our goal is be clear to our clients, so they can learn during the process, understanding the true value of what is done. Escort the growth of the business, taking care of the analysis of the information, encouraging our clients to ask, question and contribute with information, creating a strong growth relationship. 
          The implementation of the tools and strategies and the creation of all the pieces for the communication will be made online according to the marketing plan, design manual and the orders made by the client. 
          When our clients thinks they got what they need or they have learned how to do it by themselves, they can upgrade their services or keep their way without us. We will be very happy knowing that the business grew with us.

More about us:

Since the beginning of my studies I thought marketing is a fundamental tool for every business, but it’s being delayed because people thing is just accessible for big companies.
Now I created a method to organize all the processes making them more accessible to small business.
If you want differentiation, you will have all my compromise and a group of professionals for you business.
                                                                   Lucas Martino

Agustin Lores joins the project to contribute with his highly professionals design knowledge. 
The process of supervising the design of every piece of communication guarantees it meets all the details to accomplish the objectives, look remarkable professional and follows the visual identity of the brand.

If you want more information about the company, processes or other details.