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We adapt the intensity of the service to your necessities.

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We will create a specific budget tailored to your needs, adjusting the quantity of designs, posts, videos, website content, studies, and strategies based on your requirements. Each day or week, we will present these creations to you, following your instructions or the suggestions outlined in the marketing plan.

Individual service

Improve your business with marketing and design tools.

Initial marketing plan

Raises brand image and increases long term sales.

Personalize your service 

Full marketing plan

Full study of the product, market, client and competence to determine the best tool to use in each communication channel.

Everything included in:

Attract clients


Personalize your service

Everything arranged according to:

Design manual

Marketing plan

Consulting for FREE

Arrange a video call with us, and we will provide you with free advice on how to enhance your company’s aesthetics and marketing strategies.
We will also explain what we can do to make the implementation easier, faster, and better for you.

You can help us by completing a survey before the video call. This will allow us to better understand your situation and provide more effective guidance during the consultation.

One week after the video call, we will provide you with a personalized budget based on your specific needs.

Everything executed online

Month 1:


Brand design
Marketing plan

Month 2:

Institutional identity manual


Month 3:


Posters and displays
Media posts

Web update

4 and following months:

Pieces and strategies according to the marketing plan 

Constant orders of designs and strategies by the company

Our clients:


Frequently asked questions

What is marketing?

Marketing is the field that studies how to coordinate and improve a company’s communication. This facilitates attracting the attention of potential consumers, expressing a commitment that they will be satisfied with the company, and showcasing the advantages it has over the competition.

Why use marketing?

It is an opportunity for the company to improve in all aspects. A company that studies and analyzes how to better satisfy customers will be more successul than its competitors. 

What is a marketing department?

It is a group of people responsible for studying and analyzing a company’s communication. This department is essential for large brands, but until now, it had been costly for small businesses. Volgo focuses on offering this service at an affordable cost for all.

What is a brand?

A brand is the combination of elements designed to identify a seller’s goods or services and differentiate them from the competition. The brand creates an identity beyond the company, serving as a friendly and easy way to help consumers gain confidence in their transactions’ outcomes. As a result, consumers will choose brands that inspire trust over companies that only offer products.

What is the cost?

Marketing can involve many activities in a company. Therefore, at Volgo, we adapt the implementation according to the needs and budget of each company. Once companies see the value of marketing, they begin to use it in more activities.

How long does the implementation take?

Marketing for large brands is a continuous process. However, at Volgo, we understand that small businesses may not be willing to allocate a significant budget until they perceive its value. We offer a three (3)-month package in which we implement the most important aspects for the company to reassess its utility. Afterward, they can continue pursuing specific goals and use a marketing department permanently.

How does it adapt to my company?

We conduct a study of the company, product, market, customer, and competition. Taking into account the company’s needs and budget, we create a plan with strategies and tools to turn the company into a brand.

What does "marketing" plan?

– Website
– Social media
– Logo
– Email marketing
– Marketing strategies
– Benchmarking
– Institutional design
– Brochures
– Online advertising
– Print advertising
– Videos
– Content
– Store design
– Promotions
– Surveys
– Control techniques
And other tools or strategies specific to a client.

Can services be contracted individually?

Yes, there is a price list we can send to you.

What does Volgo do?

Volgo can perform:

– Image editing
– Design:
  Institutional design
– Website
– Social media management
– Videos
– Strategies and content
  Store design

What do you need me to do?

– Initial survey
– Information about the company
– Photos and videos for editing and the website.
– Depending on the budget, pay for:
  Specific third-party services
  Software development

What is a design manual?

It is a set of rules about colors, shapes, fonts, spaces, and other visual characteristics that together generate a corporate identity (or brand). This ensures a consistent visual composition for all pieces or creations (labels, store, etc.), helping customers recognize the brand and expressing seriousness and commitment to what is done.

What is a marketing plan?

It is a report detailing the activities a company should undertake to improve its marketing. Once these objectives are completed, the client can renew them. The report includes a thorough analysis of the product, company, market, competition, and customer. It determines the current situation of the company, with SWOT analysis, stages, categories, substitute products, different markets to target, etc.


It then seeks the most effective way of growth, prioritizing segments, highlighting specific characteristics for each, and prioritizing them based on investment needs and return probabilities. Strategies are determined based on market position (relative to competition), creativity, communication, price, Porter, etc.


Finally, all communication channels of the company are coordinated to use all marketing tools that help achieve strategies and objectives. The complete marketing plan is a report of approximately 25 pages that analyses all communication points of the company, making implementation complex.

What are strategies, tools, and channels in the marketing plan?

Strategies are analyses commonly used in marketing adapted to each company. They determine things to consider and steps to follow to achieve objectives.


Tools are a set of instruments that help organize ideas and the brand so that all communication executes strategies.


Communication channels are all means by which we have contact with a potential customer (posters, product, advertising, brochures, label, store, customer service, etc.). Organizing them all with different strategies and using tools in each helps create a strong brand.

What will be discussed in the consultation?

If you answer a preliminary survey, we will have information about your company and can tell you what improvements can be made in marketing and design. This way, you understand how marketing would work in your specific company. The information will be much more detailed when you hire a service with us.

How long is the contract?

We work without a contract. The idea is that both parties are satisfied with what is done, and there is the freedom to disengage if no utility is found. We do recommend a minimum of three (3) months to implement basic marketing and design improvements.

What can you ask Volgo for?

You can ask us anything. We are a marketing department that you can consult on any aspect or decision you need. We will make suggestions and follow a marketing plan with its schedule, but you can request specific tasks (create a poster for an event, a label, etc.) or advice on decisions.


In what language can it be done?

Volgo’s team is proficient in both English and Spanish. However, with the assistance of ChatGPT, content can be generated in any language and for any part of the world today.

Where can I get more information?

Schedule a video call for a consultation. You can also contact us through our contact points to receive more information.

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp:+54 261 2571733