Web design

+ Marketing

Give your business the difference
your clients wants.




Some clients prefer an specific device.

Maximize that design but create a responsive site for any situation.

Want a website with marketing?

Marketing plans



Apply and learn with a marketing plan created for your actual needs, creating and upgrading all the tools to improve your business constantly.

Want a marketing plan?




Communicate news to attract your followers to your business and to generate a lasting bond. Create content to attract new interested parties.
It is a constant process with several weekly updates in all communication channels of the business.


Update and complete your online presence to stand out from your competition and make it easy for people to find you.
It is a one-time process. Coordinates the most important channels and platforms for each business.


Transform your business into a major company. Carry out a detailed study of your company, clients, market and competition to generate a marketing plan that indicates the best strategies and tools to communicate in each channel of your company, with the aim of increasing sales, attracting new niches and entering new markets.
It is a long term process.

What does a marketing plan do?

Brief explanation about how can you business improve with a marketing plan

Want a marketing plan?

What is Volgo?

A project with the goal of offering the planning and implementation of marketing, in a accessible way for small business. Creating a process to adapt and order the information according to each client.

The proposed benefit is to create a relation with the business where you can understand and learn during the process. So you can appreciate the true value of what we are doing.

Since the beginning of my studies I thought marketing is a fundamental tool for every business, but it’s being delayed because people thing is just accessible for big companies.
Now I created a method to organize all the processes making them more accessible to small business.
If you want differentiation, you will have all my compromise and a group of professionals for you business.
                                                                   Lucas Martino